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Luxury Wooden Kayaks Handcrafted &
Tailored to You

Wooden Kayaks & Canoes Tailored to You

If you ever find yourself stranded on a deserted island, one of the few indispensable items would be one of our, wooden kayaks. Whether you're beached on a tropical archipelago or sheltered in a weather-beaten cove, life would never be a bore. Pass the days away just admiring the refined lines and the beauty of nature, of clear skies or stormy swells, reflected across your boat's sleek hull. And when the fancy takes you, delight in the paddle home.

Like a true Arabian thoroughbred, beauty, strength and agility blend timelessly with performance – only without the jittery temperament. Ultralight, our exclusive artisan wooden kayaks have a gentle, finely nuanced handling ensuring you enjoy the unadulterated rushing thrill as you slip through the water.

Unlike thoroughbreds, our wooden kayaks are tailored exactly to fit your unique requirements - without compromise. As bespoke crafts, we custom build to your precise specifications and to serve your requisite design needs – your kayak ultimately becoming an aesthetic extension of you, whether you're a novice or more advanced paddler.Expeditions up river, exploring inland waterways, adventures in camping, trekking the wilderness or quietly cruising, we'll create a luxury wooden kayak with your signature.

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